Kyoshu, nostalgie du pays

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Nicolas Ducret, carrying a medium format SLR camera, and Pascal Greco, with an instant camera, set out one day to wander up and down the streets of the capital. In the several days that followed they quickly separated and rarely met. Pascal sometimes strayed to nearby towns, Nicolas stayed true to Tokyo. Met together once more, they created this collection of images, full of the emotions, accidents and details of human life, that here define their personal visions of a so very far and different land. Distance is often present, light always natural, subjects – sometimes sharply in focus, sometimes softly so – totally unaffected before the lens. A feeling emerges, an emotion takes shape, a sigh breathes nostalgia. Here, drawn from a palette of memories that echo in the mind, you’ll find a pathway painted in pictures that lead, step by step, straight to the heart. The book ends with a short Super 8 film made by Pascal Greco during his stay in Japan. It reflects in movement the same love of beauty and a nostalgic universe captured in stillness by these photographs. Video by Pascal Greco, original soundtrack by Kid Chocolat.